Sephora – The unlimited stories

Each of us has our own story and perceives beauty differently. In the campaign “The unlimited stories” we enabled the heroes to tell their stories.

Episode 1 – Ewelina

Ewelina is a regional manager at Sephora. Check out what is motivating her to work.

Episode 2 – Kinga

Kinga is a makeup artist at Sephora. She also has her own YouTube channel. Check out where she draws inspiration from.


Episode 3 – Mariola

Mariola is a regular client at Sephora and she is a police officer. Check out what gives her strength.

Episode 4 – Monika

Monika is a regular client at Sephora as well. What does inspire her? Check it out.

Episode 5 – Ania

Ania is an experienced makeup artist associated with Sephora. Check out what is the strength of her beauty.

Episode 6 – Sergiusz

Sergiusz is an actor who professionally deals with makeup. So what gives him a self-confidence?