Fans forever

The first storytelling project with product placement in Poland.

Football, friendship, and one phone, that connects all of them. Created as a documentary film in which three friends of Robert Lewandowski presented their extraordinary relationship with him in three videos. Fans forever is an authentic tale about the victories, failures and friendship presented by the most trusted people in Robert Lewandowski’s life.

Episode 1

Never stop dreaming

The first episode called Never stop dreaming is about the fact that when you have the support of others, everything is possible. In this video Robert invites the viewers to his world and presents his friends who have been with him for many years.

Episode 2

Sky is
the limit

The second episode called Sky is the limit tells more about the role of friendship in Robert’s life. He tells about the meaning of the presence of his best buddies at matches which gives him strength.  In this video he wants to thank them that always believe in him.

Episode 3

The power of persistence

The third episode called The power of the persistence is about the meaning of support we get from our friends in our life’s crucial moments. Real friends have always been fans and forever will be.